Krabi is the perfect holiday destination for those looking for a serene area to vacation in southern Thailand. With over 200 islands off its 150km-long coast line, a jungle-covered interior, towering limestone cliffs, caves, waterfalls, and exotic wildlife, Krabi features breathtaking scenery

As someone who does a lot of travel planning, I was in desperate need of a system to help me organize all of my trip ideas and planning notes while researching new travel destinations. While planning our trip to Thailand, I created a detailed travel guide +

Batik painting is an ancient art form originating in southern Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia and something I discovered during our recent trip to Thailand. In an effort to learn all about Batik painting first hand, we traveled to a small, predominately Muslim

As a result of its location at the mouth of the river, the capital of Krabi, Krabi Town, is the main shopping destination popular among locals and tourists alike. While Krabi Town has no beaches to speak of, it is well-known for its many

Ao Nang is the main port town of Krabi, popular among tourists for its long stretch of beach, souvenir shops, and night life. The main thoroughfare runs along the beach and is where the majority of the hotels, shops, and bars are