The month of September was super busy for us and seemed to fly by! We spent all month preparing for the birth of our son and before we knew it, we were in the hospital anxiously awaiting his arrival. So naturally,

I have always had an affinity for flea market shopping, and while living in Germany, I got spoiled having access to some of the most well-known markets in the world. Shopping the Marché aux Puces was one of the things I knew I would

During our recent trip to Thailand, I was so inspired by the culture, style, and stunning landscape that once we returned home, I decided to take that inspiration and redo our guest room. Moving into a traditional Japanese rental has come with its

Before moving to Japan, I had never eaten lotus root, but now that we live here, I see them served everywhere! This summer, lotus fields seemed to have taken over the Japanese countryside, which inspired me to finally try this popular Asian delicacy. Luckily, Ryan