Translated as the "House in the Forest," Huis Ten Bosch is a large amusement park located in Sasebo, Japan, modeled after a traditional Dutch village complete with beautiful canals, European shops and restaurants, gardens, museums, and hotels. With year-round attractions like their

I have been so excited for December to roll around this year because this is the first Christmas Summer will be old enough to appreciate all of the holiday goodness that is going on around her. This month as we've been preparing for the holidays, we

This is our second Christmas in Japan and on the top of our bucket list this holiday season was visiting the Osaka Christmas Market. Every Christmas, a large community of Germans living in Osaka organize an annual German Weihnachtsmarkt {Christmas Market} so

With all of my posts about the Ritz this year, I'm sure you're beginning to wonder if I get paid to advertise for them. Well, the answer is no. I don't get paid or comped in any way to post

Over-the-top illuminations are a winter tradition in Japan. Now that nights have become longer, families look forward to visiting parks adorn with thousands of colorful christmas lights illuminating the black sky. Hiroshima's Bihoku Hillside Park has become a favorite destination for couples wanting