Last Fall, Ryan and I stumbled across a hidden gem - a beautiful Japanese temple nestled in the hills of Oshima Island. During my parent's recent visit, we decided to take them back up to the top of the Island to

This Fall, Ryan and I participated in an apple picking trip organized by IT&T {Information, Tours & Travel}. We began the day with a steam locomotive train ride through the Japanese countryside followed by a stop at a remote orchard for some fall

Over the weekend, Ryan, Summer, and I, traveled with a group of friends to Oshima Island for a surprise Birthday camping trip. Located just an hour south of our home in Iwakuni, Oshima Island is a great place to escape for the weekend.

This past weekend, Ryan, Summer, and I headed out to Oshima Island, just 60 minutes south of where we live, eager to do a little exploring of the local area. We drove around the perimeter of the Island and discovered

It's official! We have chosen a new home in which we will reside for the next three years we are living in Japan. If you followed along in our home search, you may have guessed that we ended up choosing property no.