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With Summer right around the corner, my daydreams have been transporting me to sunny tropical beaches. Here in Southern Japan, Winter is clearly in the rear view mirror, and no one is more excited about that than me. In order to capitalize on the beautiful weather this

Cherry blossoms {sakura} get all of the notoriety as being the Japanese symbol of Spring, however, plum blossoms {ume} are in fact the first blooms to open each year, occurring a month or two before cherry blossom season. During Ume season, cities are filled with

I teamed up with Nizar Wogan Photography to create a picture perfect Daddy + Daughter Tea Party. Nizar, an amazing photographer and friend, wanted a feminine and vintage setting that her daddy/daughter clients could enjoy while creating lasting memories. I began by staging

I recently joined a local photography group where professional photographers, amateurs, and enthusiasts alike gather monthly to participate in interesting projects, share their experiences, critique, encourage, learn, and grow from one another. This month's project theme was Documentary Photography and was the first time

If you are wondering what to do with all of those roses from your Valentine, I have a tutorial just for you! I absolutely adore flowers and hate throwing them in the trash after each holiday, so I wanted to find a

Located in Nagasaki, Japan, the Nagasaki Lantern Festival is an annual event celebrating the Chinese New Year. This festival takes place over the first 15 days of the Chinese new year, and similar to the Lantern Festival in China, over 15,000

Translated as the "House in the Forest," Huis Ten Bosch is a large amusement park located in Sasebo, Japan, modeled after a traditional Dutch village complete with beautiful canals, European shops and restaurants, gardens, museums, and hotels. With year-round attractions like their

I have been so excited for December to roll around this year because this is the first Christmas Summer will be old enough to appreciate all of the holiday goodness that is going on around her. This month as we've been preparing for the holidays, we