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Miyajima Island is one of our favorite Japanese destinations, and since it's just a short drive from Iwakuni, we find ourselves frequenting the island several times a year. Miyajima, also knowns as the Island of Gods, is a popular place to

Mikans are a popular Japanese citrus, also known as Satsuma, that are similar in size and taste to tangerines or seedless mandarins. The word Mikan means "honey citrus", due to its reputation as one of the sweetest citrus varieties. As

This year for my birthday, Ryan sent me on a scavenger hunt around town to keep me occupied while he was preparing a special dinner at home. I shopped for new shoes, had a lovely massage, and ended the afternoon

Happy Halloween, friends! I always look forward to the fall season when the leaves start to change, the evenings get a little cooler, and it's time to start breaking out cozy sweaters and sipping on pumpkin spiced lattes. This October was

Shopping for a new baby can be stressful and overwhelming, but even more so if you are an American living overseas. Clothing and cribs are sized differently, and not knowing the local language makes something as simple as locating a children's store

As a new mom, I was super excited about creating a pretty space for my little girl, so immediately after moving into our Japanese home, I began working on Summer's nursery. I knew I wanted Summer's room to be decorated with pink

Since we were in the middle of a move and unable to create a nursery for Summer when she was born, it was really important to Ryan and I to give our son a cute space as part of his welcome home

Having a baby here in Japan was a completely different experience from that of our first child in Germany. One of the biggest differences was the length of time that I was required to spend in the hospital after giving

Ten days ago, Ryan and I welcomed our precious baby boy into this world. After his birth, we spent a week in the hospital, relaxing, recovering, and bonding with our little man. I loved spending that week in the hospital with my husband and