Tropical Thailand Branding Package


Launch a professionally designed brand without the custom designer price!

This tropical Branding Package was designed to keep your business looking modern and professional. Whether your existing business needs a fresh look or your new business needs cohesive branding, these branding elements will help get you get started quickly!

This package includes 3 logos, each in black, white, and color, plus 2 watermark logo, one in black and one in white, 1 favicon, 3 beautiful graphic elements, 3 seamless patterns, branding color palette, font selections, Mood Board, Branding Board, and a Branding Style Guide.

To place your order, provide your company name in the boxes below. Your completed branding elements will be sent to you within 1 business day after placing your order.

Custom Color Add-On

Already have a color palette in mind? No problem! Provide your Custom Color below and I’ll customize your logo set to match your branding colors.

Custom Color {Hex or RGB Color Code}




 1. Provide your company name + custom color {if applicable} in the text boxes and place you order.
 2. Your Branding Package will be sent to you within 1 business day. Files are provided in large, high resolution format:

• PNG with transparent background

Additional information

Branding Package Includes

3 Main Logos in Black, White, and Color
3 Alternative Logos in Black, White, and Color
3 Logo Stamps in Black, White, and Color
2 Watermarks in Black and White
1 Favicon
3 Graphic Elements
3 Seamless Patterns
5 Branding Colors
3 Font Selections
1 Mood Board
1 Branding Board
1 Branding Style Guide