Tropical Thailand Business Package


Launch a professionally designed business without the custom designer price!

This tropical Business Package was designed to keep your business looking modern and professional. Whether your existing business needs a fresh look or your new business needs cohesive branding, these business elements will help get you get started quickly!

This package includes 3 logos, each in black, white, and color, plus 2 watermark logo, one in black and one in white, 1 favicon, 3 beautiful graphic elements, 3 seamless patterns, branding color palette, font selections, Mood Board, Branding Board, Branding Style Guide, plus a Web/Blogging Kit with 5 headers, 35 labels, 20 buttons, 25 social media icons, 5 dividers, and 10 image holders, and a Stationary Kit with A4 Letterhead front + back, 2 Business Card designs front + back, Compliment/Thank You Card front + back, Postcard front + back, and 3 branded Stickers that can be printed at home, at a local print shop, or through an online printing company as many times as needed.

To place your order, provide your company name in the boxes below. Your completed Business Package will be sent to you within 2 business days after placing your order.

Custom Color Add-On

Already have a color palette in mind? No problem! Provide your Custom Color below and I’ll customize your Stationary Kit to match your branding colors.

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 1. Provide your company name, business card info, and custom color {if applicable} in the text boxes and place you order.
 2. Your Business Package will be sent to you within 2 business days. Files are provided in large, high resolution format:

• PNG with transparent background

Additional information

Stationary Kit Includes

Complete Branding Kit:
3 Main Logos in Black, White, and Color
3 Alternative Logos in Black, White, and Color
3 Logo Stamps in Black, White, and Color
2 Watermarks in Black and White
1 Favicon
3 Graphic Elements
3 Seamless Patterns
5 Branding Colors
3 Font Selections
1 Mood Board
1 Branding Board
1 Branding Style Guide

Complete Web/Blogging Kit:
5 Headers {1 in each brand color}
35 Labels {7 in each brand color}
20 Buttons {4 in each brand color}
25 Social Media Icons {5 in each brand color}
5 Separator/Dividers {1 in each brand color}
10 Image Holders {2 in each brand color}

Complete Stationary Kit:
1 A4 Letterhead {front + back}
2 Business Card designs {front + back}
1 Compliment/Thank You Card {front + back}
1 Postcard {front + back}
3 branded Stickers