· High Season ·

{November – March}
A cool and dry season follows the monsoons, meaning the landscape is lush and temperatures are comfortable. The best time to visit Thailand is November to March when temperatures average 28°C and cool breezes keep things comfortable.
Western Christmas and New Year’s holidays bring crowds and inflated rates.

· Shoulder/Hot Season ·

{April – June}
April – June is generally very hot and dry, with temperatures ranging from 80ºF to 95ºF {27ºC up to 36ºC}. There are frequent short, heavy rain showers, offering a welcome relief from the high temperatures and humidity. Sea breezes in coastal areas provide natural air-con.

· Low/Wet Season ·

{July – October}
From July to early October, monsoon season ranges from afternoon showers to major flooding. Some islands shut down and boat service is limited during stormy weather; however, one consolation is that the beaches, outdoor restaurants, and streets are relatively uncluttered by visitors. During this wettest part of the summer season, there are still long intervals of sunshine between the heavy showers and plenty of low season activities, both water and land-based, are still available.

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