A Summer Farmer’s Market

One of the things I will miss most about living in Europe are the weekend Farmer’s Markets. Ryan and I always enjoy heading downtown on Saturday mornings to wonder around the markets scattered throughout the cobblestone streets of Stuttgart where we pick up seasonal fruits and fresh veggies, European cheeses and deli meats, warm baguettes and chilled wine, sweet pastries, and colorful bouquets of flowers to adorn our apartment.

This past Saturday, however, was a bittersweet shopping trip because in just a few short weeks, our family will be leaving Germany. We are beyond excited to be moving to Asia and exploring that part of the world, but will look back on our years in Germany as some of the best of our lives.

But before packing our bags and bidding Germany farewell, we are determined to soak up all of the wonderful things we have come to love about living in Europe… and this Summer Farmer’s Market is one of them!

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Stuttgart Wochenmarkt

Stuttgart, BW Germany 70173

Days of the Week: Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

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  1. The photos are stunning! The vibrant colors just pop, you really captured that beautiful market. Been to London, but not Germany. Hoping we see this side of the world in the future.

    1. Thank you!! Germany is a beautiful country and I know you would absolutely love it! More posts coming soon about our time living in Europe!

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