Cherry Picking

This past weekend, the family and I traveled to the Japanese countryside to take part in one of my favorite summer pastimes, cherry picking.

Upon arriving in Asia, I was pleased to learn that the Japanese enjoy eating fresh, locally grown seasonal fruits and veggies just as much as the Germans do. Over the past year, we have harvested rice and picked apples in the Fall, collected strawberries in the winter, and couldn’t wait to get our hands on some juicy cherries this summer!

When we arrived at the cherry farm, I was surprised to see the cherry trees growing in an indoor orchard. In fact, each time we have been fruit picking, no matter what the season, almost all produce has been grown in greenhouses. Perhaps the Japanese believe this is the best way to take advantage of the sunlight and ensure the plants yield the most fruit each year.

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While we were in the greenhouse, we were able to eat as many cherries as we could, but had to pay for any we wanted to take home. Let me tell you… Japanese cherries are expensive! They were selling small, round containers of about 15 cherries for 1000 yen (about $10.00). Naturally, we had to buy some to bring home with us, but we are quickly learning that, although delicious, many varieties of Japanese produce embody the phrase “you get what you pay for.”

Cherry Picking-33 Cherry Picking-34 Cherry Picking-35

Spending the day at the cherry farm was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed picking and filling up on as many cherries as we could. Afterwards, we visited a nearby Winery for lunch and enjoyed beautiful scenery as we drove home through the Japanese countryside, which is full of green rice fields this time of year.

· More Information ·

Hirata Tourist Farm

1740-3 Ueda-machi, Miyoshi 728-0624
 Hiroshima Prefecture

+81 824-69-2346

· Tips ·

• Visit the farm year round for a variety of seasonal fruit, such as apples, strawberries, grapes, peaches, pears, and of course, cherries.

• Visit the farm’s shop for more seasonal foods and try the seasonal ice cream flavors.

• While there, make a stop at the Hiroshima Miyoshi Winery for delicious lunch and wine tasting.

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