A Thai Jungle Safari

Located about an hour from Ao Nang, Kao Prak Bang National Park is a tropical lowland rainforest containing lush jungle, thermal hot springs, and a popular swimming hole known as the Emerald Pool.

After learning that the gorgeous Phulay Bay pool, where we spent most of our recent Thailand vacation, was inspired by this emerald water natural wonder, Ryan and I knew we had to check it out!

When we arrived at the Park, we were greeted by a few quaint restaurants and shops selling fresh fruit, coconut water, T-shirts, snacks, pool floaties, etc. just outside of the Park’s entrance. After purchasing some ice cream, we paid a small entrance fee and began our quarter-mile trek deep into the jungle.

Emerald Pool & Hot Spring Emerald Pool & Hot Spring-3 Emerald Pool & Hot Spring-5Emerald Pool & Hot Spring-4Emerald Pool & Hot Spring-2

 The Park’s thermal Hot Springs are naturally occurring volcanic springs frequently visited by the local Thai people, as well as tourists, who come to soak in the warm water believed to be beneficial to your health.

Emerald Pool & Hot Spring-6 Emerald Pool & Hot Spring-9Emerald Pool & Hot SpringEmerald Pool & Hot Spring-3Krabi Hot Springs

We didn’t spend a lot of time at the Hot Springs as the water was quite warm, which wasn’t especially refreshing on such a hot day, but we did enjoy relaxing in our own personal hot tub in the middle of the Thai jungle before heading to the Emerald Pool to cool off.

Emerald Pool & Hot Spring-11Emerald Pool & Hot Spring-14 Emerald Pool & Hot Spring-12 Emerald Pool & Hot Spring-17Emerald Pool & Hot Spring-16

The Emerald Pool is a popular Krabi attraction among locals and tourists alike that everyone should experience while visiting the area.

After taking a plunge ourselves, it’s easy to see why so many people come from all over to swim in the refreshing, mineral enriched water after hiking through the jungle on a hot day.

Emerald Pool & Hot Spring-4Krabi Emerald PoolKrabi Emerald Pool-2 Emerald Pool & Hot Spring-7

It was an amazing day that Ryan and I got to spend alone with nature. We were extremely fortunate to have avoided the crowds by visiting the Emerald Pool early in the morning, and were able to swim and enjoy our time at the pool without anyone else around. As we were leaving, buses and vans full of tourists began rolling in, which would have drastically changed our experience had we been arriving at the same time.

· More Information ·

Emerald Pool & Thermal Hot Springs

Khlong Thom Nuea, Khlong Thom District
Krabi, Thailand

+66 75 622 163

Open Daily from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

· Tips ·

• Go early in the morning, preferably as soon as the park opens, to avoid crowds.

• Beware of the slippery rocks surrounding the pool & hot springs.

• The Emerald Pool water is shallow so jumping and diving are not permitted.

 • There are two routes to get to the Pool. The longer of the two routes is about a quarter mile walk along a flat, wooden walkway. The shorter of the two routes is about half the distance along a flat, dirt path, along which bathrooms are located. Opt to take both routes… if you are trying to beat the crowds, take the shorter path to the pool, where you can stop for a quick bathroom break, and then take the longer, wooden path on your way out. Both routes offer great scenery, especially the longer route, along which you will pass through gorgeous rainforest and discover other natural pools.

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