Autumn Blumen Fields

Recognizable by the yellow ‘Blumen’ banners, blumen fields are small patches of pasture stocked with rows of vibrant flowers scattered throughout the German countryside. Usually perched next to small country roads, blumen fields are popular spots to purchase inexpensive seasonal flowers and produce during the spring, summer, and fall months.

Blumen fields are definitely my favorite place to buy flowers. Every couple of weeks, I look forward to visiting a nearby ‘selbst schneiden’ field, where I get to pick my own flowers, choosing colors that fit my mood or decor at the time, and always come home with impressive bouquets for only a few euros each. At each field, there are shears available for cutting flowers and a box for depositing the money for your harvest.

There are dozens of blumen fields around our village, one of which has a pumpkin patch with a variety of colorful gourds for sale this time of year. We had a great time taking the kids to the blumen fields to pick pumpkins, smell the flowers, and enjoy the gorgeous fall weather.

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