Winter Illuminations at Bihoku Park

Over-the-top illuminations are a winter tradition in Japan. Now that nights have become longer, families look forward to visiting parks adorn with thousands of colorful christmas lights illuminating the black sky. Hiroshima’s Bihoku Hillside Park has become a favorite destination for couples wanting to enjoy a romantic date night and families wanting to experience the spirit of the holidays. With bonfires, Christmas performances, fireworks, and over 700,000 Christmas lights, Bihoku Park is known for some of the best winter illuminations in the area and is well worth the 90 minute drive from Hiroshima and Iwakuni.

Inside the park, visitors will enjoy hillside illuminations with twinkling pathways and waterfalls, a Christmas tree forest with hundreds of christmas trees decorated by local children, a recreation of a traditional Japanese rural village with floating lanterns, colorful dragons, and a gorgeous illuminated sakura tree. Located in the main area of the park, designated “Shine Town”, there is a huge animated Christmas Tree set against the backdrop of a two-dimensional European village complete with a castle and a stage for performances. For those interested in staying warm during those chilly December evenings, visit the roaring bonfire and concession area selling warm beverages and hot soup.

Christmas lights are turned on around 5:30 pm, and since the park is located deep in the countryside, they are a nice contrast to the night’s sky without the interference of bright city lights!

bihoku-park-winter-illumination bihoku-park-winter-illumination-2bihoku-park-winter-illumination-3

“Shine Town” is the location of holiday performances, and the two-dimensional village is a great spot for a photo op!

bihoku-park-winter-illumination-4 bihoku-park-winter-illumination-5 bihoku-park-winter-illumination-6

The reflection of the hillside illuminations in the small pond is breathtaking!

bihoku-park-winter-illumination-7 bihoku-park-winter-illumination

These illuminated trees look like they have been plucked right out of a fairytale!

bihoku-park-winter-illumination-3 bihoku-park-winter-illumination-11

In the Hiba-no-sato village area, there is a stunning display of “Winter Sakura” cherry trees…

bihoku-park-winter-illumination-12 bihoku-park-winter-illumination-14bihoku-park-winter-illumination-13

… and illuminated umbrellas and paper lanterns.


My favorite part was the pond decorated with colorful dragons and floating lanterns.

bihoku-park-winter-illumination-16 bihoku-park-winter-illumination-17

The Christmas Tree Forest

bihoku-park-winter-illumination-18 bihoku-park-winter-illumination-19 bihoku-park-winter-illumination-20 bihoku-park-winter-illumination-21bihoku-park-winter-illumination-23

In the center of the Christmas Tree forest, there is a precious life-sized dollhouse, where kids can play dress-up with Santa costumes and read Christmas books.


· More Information ·

Bihoku Hillside Park

Japan, 〒727-0021 Hiroshima Prefecture, Shobara, 三日市町4−10

+81 824 72 7000

Open daily from 9:30 am - 5:00 pm, except Mondays
From November 15 - January 12, hours are extended to 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm {final admission 8:00 pm} 
Closed December 31, January 1, and January 5

Admission Fees: 
410 yen for adults
80 yen for elementary & high school-aged children
Free for young children
310 yen for parking

· Tips ·

• Christmas lights turn on at 5:30 pm, and there is a Fireworks show every Saturday.

• Visit on a week night to avoid crowds.

• There are steep staircases leading up to the hillside illuminations in the main area of the park, so if you are traveling with young children, try to avoid bringing a stroller.

• Bring extra yen for food and drinks at the concession area or try the sweet bean zenzai soup in the Hiba-no-sato village area.

• Make a wish and hang it from apple trees along “Wish Road”.

• Bring a thermos of homemade Glühwein to keep warm while walking through the park.


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