I’m Dreaming of a Pink Christmas


I have been so excited for December to roll around this year because this is the first Christmas Summer will be old enough to appreciate all of the holiday goodness that is going on around her. This month as we’ve been preparing for the holidays, we have noticed Summer taking an interest in all things Christmas. She’s been rearranging all of the holiday decorations, unwrapping Christmas gifts, and pulling our breakable ornaments off the Christmas tree. So in addition to decorating the main living spaces of our home this year, I decided to decorate Summer’s room so that she could have fun playing with her very own kid-friendly Christmas decorations!

In order to create a space full of holiday cheer in Summer’s very girly bedroom, I collected as many pink holiday decorations as I could find, including a Summer-sized pink Christmas tree! I began by making sure that everything within Summer’s reach was kid-friendly and placed all of the fragile decorations up high out of her reach!


I hung delicate pink Christmas ornaments from cherry blossom branches and placed them on top of Summer’s dresser, along with some special Christmas mementos we purchased in Germany.


A wintery dollhouse doubles as Summer’s nightlight.


Plush blankets and pillows, stuffed animals, and baskets full of toys and books are scattered throughout the room arranged on the floor or low-lying shelves for easy access. Keepsakes, like Summer’s first Christmas ornaments and a floral wreath from her baby shower, are hung out of reach.


I purchased a small pink Christmas tree from Daiso {the Japanese equivalent to the Dollar Store} and decorated it with an assortment of silk flowers rather than breakable ornaments. I placed her gifts inside decorative boxes and gift bags that could be tied shut with ribbon rather than using easy-to-tear-and-destroy wrapping paper.

pink-christmas-2 pink-christmas-17pink-christmas-14pink-girls-room-11pink-christmas-decor-6pink-christmas-decor-7pink-christmas-22pink-christmas-23

Last but not least, we left Santa cookies and milk, and a letter from Summer!


I hope you have been having as much fun decorating as we have!

What are some creative ways in which you decorate for the holidays? Please, do tell!

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  1. That was great Ash! I love the idea of using soft florals for the tree vs. breakable ornaments and I also loved the macaroons vs. traditional cookies left for Santa (I’m sure he’s gonna appreciate it). Also, the cherry blossoms with pink ornaments are a super cute idea. It was all very nice and executed well. Great job Ash!

    P.S. Will you show us your main Christmas tree and how you decorated the rest of your home for the holidays?

  2. As usual, a job exquisitely done! I just love your decorating skills. I also thought Summer’s Christmas tree was such a neat idea. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the decor.

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