Osaka Weihnachtsmarkt

This is our second Christmas in Japan and on the top of our bucket list this holiday season was visiting the Osaka Christmas Market.

Every Christmas, a large community of Germans living in Osaka organize an annual German Weihnachtsmarkt {Christmas Market} so that visitors can experience an authentic German Christmas. It is said to be that largest Christmas Market in Japan, so naturally, Ryan and I were eager to check it out!

Once we arrived at the market, we were greeted by a huge illuminated Christmas Tree in the center of the square outside of the Umeda Sky Building. There were a few dozen wooden huts lined up along the perimeter of the square selling Christmas decorations, toys, gifts, and german street food such as sausages, beer, and Glühwein.

Throughout Europe, Christmas Markets are typically located in old town squares, set against the backdrop of old cathedrals or castles. Surrounded by centuries of history, visitors walk along uneven cobblestone streets sipping cups of Gluhwein in order to keep warm from the bone chilling German winters. In Japan, old cobblestone streets and thousand year old cathedrals are replaced by shiny marble sidewalks and modern skyscrapers. Overall, the Osaka Christmas Market was largely authentic, selling all of the classic things you would expect to find at any other German Christmas Market; however, it lacked the old world charm for which Europe is famous. And since most things for sale have been imported from Germany, everything is twice as expensive.

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German Christmas Market, Osaka

Umeda Sky Building
Japan, 〒531-6023 Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Kita-ku, Ōyodonaka, 1 Chome−1−1

Open from November 18 – December 25

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