Island Hopping Adventure

Located on Thailand’s western coast, Krabi is a great launching point for discovering the approximately 200 limestone islands scattered throughout the Andaman Sea. Eager to explore the area, Ryan and I booked a three island hopping tour aboard a two engine speed boat with Tubkaek Marine. Along with the two man crew and local guide, Ryan and I spent the day cruising around the Andaman Sea, snorkeling coral fringed islands, swimming in remote bays, and exploring scenic beaches.

The first stop was my favorite of the day, aptly named Paradise Island. We left early in the morning in order to beat the crowds and ended up having Paradise Island all to ourselves… at least for a couple of hours. Luckily, we had already had a chance to explore, relax, swim, and snorkel before boats arrived carrying more tourists who instantly began raiding the beach. Our guide informed us that this picturesque island and its small beach sees thousands of visitors each day.

Krabi Island Hopping Krabi Island Hopping-2 Krabi Island Hopping-3 Krabi Island Hopping-4Krabi Island Hopping-5Krabi Island Hopping-6 Paradise Island 1Paradise Island-2Paradise Island-4Paradise Island-3Paradise IslandKrabi Island Hopping-8Krabi Island Hopping-9  Krabi Island Hopping-10Paradise Island 3

Our next stop was a series of islands called Vegetable Islands. One of the most unique parts of these particular islands is the ability to walk from one island to the next during low tide.

Krabi Island Hopping-19 Krabi Island Hopping-20Krabi Island Hopping-25Krabi Island Hopping-24

The final destination on our island hopping excursion was Hong Island. Koh Hong is one of Andaman Sea’s best kept secrets and was definitely the most popular of the Islands we visited. We stopped at a few different beaches scattered around the perimeter of the island, and then made our way to the green lagoon located in the center of the island and only accessible by boat during high tide.

Krabi Island Hopping-26Krabi Island Hopping-28 Krabi Island Hopping-33Hong Island 2 Krabi Island Hopping-32 Krabi Island Hopping-35 Krabi Island Hopping-36Krabi Island Hopping-37

The water in Koh Hong’s green lagoon is crystal clear and only about 3-6 feet deep {depending on the tide, I suppose}. Here you will find a mangrove forest and intricate cave systems home to hundreds of bats and colorful birds.

Hong IslandHong Island-2Hong Island-4Hong Island-3Paradise Island 1-3

Our fantastic guide and boat crew made this a very memorable day for us. During our trip, they supplied cold drinks, fresh fruit, and music throughout the day and weren’t shy about joining in on the fun! Even through a brief rain storm and inevitable large waves threatened to cut the trip short, the crew took amazing care of us, especially catering to big ‘ole pregnant me, making sure I felt comfortable and safe for the entire journey.

I would definitely recommend contacting these guys during your next trip to Thailand!

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  1. Wow! I’m at a loss for words. So beautiful……………definitely a must on my list. I hope we can make it over there before we go back to the US. Sorry we couldn’t join you on this adventure.

    1. Thanks so much, Charisse! It would have been even better had y’all been able to join us, but we will have to plan another trip soon! 🙂

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