Oshima Island Glamping Trip

Last Fall, we had so much fun camping at Katazoe Beach Seaside Park that we decided to do it again this year, but this time, we opted for a more glamorous experience.

Over 4th of July weekend, we gathered our friends {who are all expecting babies as well} and headed to Oshima Island to enjoy a little fun in the sun.

The Katazoe Camp grounds caters to camping of all varieties. There are tent and RV camping sites available, as well as air conditioned cabins. As I am already halfway through my pregnancy, we rented one of their cabins in order to stay cool and comfortable.

 We arrived at the campground and were pleasantly surprised to learn that each cabin comes with its own bathroom {with a shower, bathtub, and western toilet}, kitchen, and air conditioning {which is a must for pregnant mamas during the heat of the Japanese Summers}. The cabins were really nice, much nicer than any of us were expecting, although the beds were typical Japanese cots, made out of firm tatami mats… very firm. Bed linens and pillows were provided, although I would recommend bringing an extra sleeping bag or roll up foam mattress if you prefer sleeping on something softer than tatami.

To stay comfortable at the beach, we brought along a large covered pergola that we rented from Outdoor Recreation and a paddle board to enjoy while spending time in the refreshing waves of the Seto Inland Sea. Across the street from the beach were stores selling floaties, flip flops, snorkel masks, refreshments, and my current pregnancy obsession, shaved ice.

I definitely recommend a visit to Katazoe Beach this Summer, whether you are after camping, glamping, or just a fun day at the beach!

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Katazoegahama Seaside Park Camping Ground

〒742-2512 Yamaguchi-ken, Ōshima-gun, Suōōshima-chō, Hirano, 山口県大島郡周防大島町大字平野片添

+81 820-78-0985


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