Oshima Sea Festival

This past weekend, Ryan, Summer, and I headed out to Oshima Island, just 60 minutes south of where we live, eager to do a little exploring of the local area. We drove around the perimeter of the Island and discovered a small seafood festival taking place at one of the Island’s Marinas.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a friendly Japanese man who spoke English very well. Obviously noticing that we were not from the area, he enthusiastically welcomed us, and then ushered us around to the different booths and introduced us to the locals selling their products. We purchased a variety of locally farmed goodies, like seasonal produce, honey, flowers, chestnuts, rice, and the island’s staple, oranges.

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After finishing up shopping, we were introduced to a group of school aged boys and girls, who were encouraged to practice their English with us. We followed them in to a large tent where we were asked to sit down and enjoy some fresh, locally caught sea food. The kids brought us out a variety of raw meats, which they instructed us to cook on the grill in the center of our table. The food was amazing, obviously having been fished out of the sea adjacent to the festival just minutes before, and even though we felt slightly out of our element, everyone was so friendly and we enjoyed every bit of it.

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If you find yourself out on Oshima Island this Summer and Fall, I definitely recommend making a stop at the Sea Fest. There’s delicious food, friendly locals, and gorgeous scenery… what more could you ask for on a beautiful Sunday afternoon?

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Oshima Sea Festival 

3920-18 Nishiagenoshō, Suōōshima-chō, Ōshima-gun, 
Yamaguchi-ken 742-2806, Japan

Open Sundays during the Summer months


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