Umekiki Marché

During our latest trip to Osaka, Ryan and I stumbled across a fancy farmer’s market located outside of the Grand Front Mall. We arrived just as they were setting up so only about half of the booths were occupied, but this was certainly unlike any other market we had ever visited before.

It was obvious from the start that there was a great deal of effort that went in to setting up the market. The Farmers’ booths were perfectly arranged with brightly colored fruits and veggies on display. Colorful flags and strings of lights hung from every tent and there was an abundance of seating available for those wanting to feast on their new purchases al fresco. Many of the farmer’s selling their crops are well-known chefs around Osaka {once called the kitchen of the world}, who take great pride in cultivating the freshest and healthiest ingredients for people who love to cook and eat. The belief at Umekiki is that if you are able to meet the farmers and learn about the different foods you are purchasing, the meals you prepare will taste better and be all the more satisfying.

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The Umekiki Marché is held every Thursday at the Grand Front Osaka Mall on the underground floor, located next to The City Bakery. There, you can purchase seasonal ingredients gathered from the local area while learning from the farmers who cultivated them. In addition to the weekly market, there are special events hosted throughout the year, like an Autumn Chocolativo all-you-can-eat event and an Edible Flower Fair.

To learn more about the Umekiki project and get a list of their upcoming events, check out their website here!

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