Yamaguchi Flea Market

I have always had an affinity for flea market shopping, and while living in Germany, I got spoiled having access to some of the most well-known markets in the world. Shopping the Marché aux Puces was one of the things I knew I would miss most about Europe; however, after moving to Japan last Fall, I was thrilled to learn that flea markets are wildly popular and second hand shopping is a common Japanese practice.

The Yamaguchi Flea Market is one of the largest markets in Western Japan and takes place on the first Sunday of every month. Kameyama Park in Yamaguchi city is transformed each month as vendors begin setting up their tents before the sun rises and people from all over Southern Japan pour in to shop their wares.

Over the past year, we have enjoyed visiting the Yamaguchi flea market each month and have spotted a lot of beautiful antiques and unique vintage curiosities. Here are some of the treasures we found on our latest shopping trip…

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The market is divided into two sections: the front of the park is devoted to vendors selling antiques and other vintage treasures you would expect to find at most flea markets, and the back of the park is sectioned off for vendors selling mostly clothing, toys, household items, and other second hand goods, much like a large yard sale.

In addition to antiques, there are also tents set up throughout the park selling street food, seasonal fruit, plants, and even live goldfish. If you are in need of a snack or a light lunch after shopping, I recommend a bowl of Udon, fried Japanese sweet potatoes sprinkled with sugar, and shaved ice for dessert.

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· More Information ·

Yamaguchi Flea Market

Kameyama Park
Yamaguchi City, Japan

Market takes place on the first Sunday of every month from dawn until early afternoon.

· Tips ·

 • For the best finds, shop early in the morning; for the best prices, shop later in the day as vendors are packing up.

• Most vendors do not speak much English so study up on Japanese numbers before market day or bring a calculator, cell phone, or pen and paper to communicate and negotiate prices.

• Since the market is located in a grass and dirt field, wear comfortable shoes that aren’t overly nice, and rain boots when it’s wet.

• Parking is free and is located next to the park. The lot fills up quickly, so the earlier you get there, the better.

• For shoppers with children, there is a playground area next to the park and a water fountain for kids to play in at the back of the market.

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