August Photo Diary

 Now that we have entered the third trimester of our pregnancy, the month of August has been spent preparing for the arrival of baby number 2, working on our house {the nesting phase is in full swing}, and trying our best to avoid the summer heat.

Summers in Japan are hot and humid and even though there are a lot of really cool events taking place throughout the month of August, we have spent a lot of our weekends indoors preparing for the arrival of the new baby. Luckily, Ryan and I have been able to use this time to work on different projects around the house, and almost a year after moving in, our home is finally beginning to feel complete.

Here is a snapshot of what we’ve have been up to lately…


refreshing summertime lemonade from Starbucks · Japanese lotus fields in full bloom · gigantic lotus flowers
our nautical baby shower · cute cake decorated with Jr’s initials · baby bow ties
house projects · gorgeous diaper cake hand made by my talented friend, Nanae · cuteness overload: Summer & Seina
round of golf for hubby · stuffed animal silliness · summer sunsets
she’s growing up so fast · feeding the turtles at Fugen Temple · a day of flea market shopping

With only a few weeks left until our son makes his appearance, I plan on kicking my feet up and taking it easy for the rest of this pregnancy.

Here’s a peek of what is coming to the blog this month:

Summertime Lotus Fields
The Best Way to Eat a Lotus Root
Our Guest Bedroom Makeover
Flea Market Shopping in Japan
The grand opening of Summer Design Company’s Summer Market

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