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Carnival in Venice

March 5, 2011

Carnival in Venice

My first trip to Venice, Italy for Carnival was a voyage of discovery in a fantastic world made of music, theatre, games, and magic. A whirling universe where people from all over the world can experience the jokes, the masks, and make-up with hundreds of thousands of their closest friends.

carnival-1There were so many people visiting Venice for Carnival. Everyone was shoulder to shoulder, and it took hours to shove my way through the crowds.

carnival-3 carnival-4carnival-5carnival-2St. Mark’s Square

carnival-6carnival-7 carnival-8carnival-9
It was fun seeing all of the colorful costumes. Even children enjoyed dressing up!

To escape the crowds, we made our way through a maze of narrow back alleys and explored some of the less congested parts of Venice.

One can not visit Venice without cruising the canals of this floating city on a gondola.

Beautiful Venetian architecture is being destroyed by frequent flooding of the city, a phenomena known as “acqua alta”.

carnival-23 carnival-25carnival-24 carnival-26I’m pretty sure our gondolier also works as a model during his free time.

My favorite thing about Carnival was seeing people dressed in beautiful costumes posing all over the city.


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