Weekend Farmer’s Market

One thing I love about living in Europe is the endless variety of markets scheduled every weekend. Sprawling weekend flea markets are my favorite variety, but I also enjoy visiting the many farmer’s markets that take place throughout the week.

Every Sunday, there’s a small market selling fresh produce, cheese, eggs, herbs, and flowers right across the street from my new home. Visiting this market has become a ritual that I look forward to every weekend, as I purchase seasonal produce, breads, cheeses, and a bundle of colorful flowers that brighten up my home all week long.

Since moving to Europe, I have come to appreciate taking pleasure in the simpler things in life, and that is exactly what I do when I stroll through this small market every Sunday.

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When I got home with my weekend market haul, I cut up the fruit, cheese, and bread and headed to the park to enjoy the Spring tulips and sunshine. Sourcing seasonal foods from local farmers is a new concept to me, as American grocery stores usually carry a little bit of everything, but I’m excited to see how the weekly markets change throughout the seasons. 

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