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Exploring Oshima Island

April 17, 2016

Exploring Oshima Island

Last Fall, Ryan and I stumbled across a hidden gem – a beautiful Japanese temple nestled in the hills of Oshima Island. During my parent’s recent visit, we decided to take them back up to the top of the Island to check it out once again.

It’s quite the trek getting there, driving along narrow roads winding steeply up the mountain and through dense bamboo forests until finally reaching a small parking lot. Once parked, you can either continue walking along the road to a waterfall or continue up the hill by foot to the temple.

 The temple is small, but it is open for offerings, wishes, and prayers, and the grounds have breathtaking views overlooking the Island. If you have time, do some exploring… there are a plethora of walking paths and steps leading to places just waiting to be discovered!

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