The Perfect Autumn Day

This Fall, Ryan and I participated in an apple picking trip organized by IT&T {Information, Tours & Travel}. We began the day with a steam locomotive train ride through the Japanese countryside followed by a stop at a remote orchard for some fall time apple picking.

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Once we arrived at the orchard, we had an hour to eat as many apples as desired and collect extras to take home {for an additional fee}. There were a few different varieties of apples available for the taking, but my favorite was a rare, sweet species only grown in Japan.

We were told that the trees marked with red signs were where we could find these rare apples, so naturally, I made a run for it!

apple-picking-15 apple-picking-16apple-picking-18 apple-picking-17 apple-picking-20apple-picking-21apple-picking-22 apple-picking-26apple-picking-23 apple-picking-25apple-picking-24fall-apple-picking apple-picking-27apple-picking-28 apple-picking-29apple-picking-34apple-picking-30apple-picking-33

Ryan, Summer, and I had an amazing time in the Japanese countryside on this perfect fall day… the weather was gorgeous, the apples were delicious, and the train ride was exciting! Of course, we brought home a bag full of apples, and will enjoy eating them as we remember our time spent as a family picking them!

What are some of your favorite fall time activities?

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    1. Thanks, Rosemary! I love fruit picking as well, and fortunately, the Japanese seem to have some sort of fruit to pick year round! This Winter, we are looking forward to Strawberry picking, believe it or not 🙂

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