Falltime Retreat to Bavaria

Located in Southeast Germany, Bavaria is a region that is beautiful year-round, but is definitely my favorite place to visit during the fall. With the arrival of cooler temperatures, the landscape transforms from lush greenery to mountains covered in shades of orange and gold. While living in Germany, we have made it a family tradition to visit this area for my birthday, and first on our itinerary was the Neuschwanstein Castle located in the town of Füssen, Germany.

Schloss Neuschwanstein resembles a castle plucked right out of a fairy tale, and is rumored to have been the inspiration for the castle in Walt Disney’s classic, Cinderella. With over 1.5 million visitors a year, Schloss Neuschwanstein is the most visited castle in the world. While its surrounding landscape is breathtaking year-round, crowds dissipate after the summer holiday, making Autumn the perfect time to visit this majestic castle.

After taking a horse-drawn carriage up the hill, visitors can tour the inside of the castle and enjoy a light snack in the castle’s cafe. The viewing bridge, called Marienbrücke, is the best place to snap an iconic photo of the castle. After achieving the perfect photo op, the bridge is a great place to catch the bus back down the hill where the gorgeous Alpsee is located. If you have time, take a break lakeside where you put your feet in the water, feed the swans, and take in the stunning views. At the dock, there are boats available for anyone desiring a more up-close and personal view of the lake.

After enjoying a day in Füssen, we traveled to the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen located an hour away in the Bavarian Apls. In Garmisch-Partenkirchen, there are so many things to do from skiing and paragliding to shopping and relaxing at the spa. GAP is an ideal travel destination for adventure seekers or those wanting a more relaxing vacation.

While you’re in Füssen:

Ride in a horse-drawn carriage to the Neuschwanstein Castle
Visit the Marienbrücke for an iconic photo op
Rent a boat at the Alpsee
Tour the neighboring Hohenschwangau Castle
Peruse the shops selling souvenirs, traditional Bavarian wares, and Christmas ornaments

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  1. Spectacular !!
    Beautiful photography and family….. Makes me dream!!
    Only more beautiful with time, enchanting of spirit.

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