Homburg Flea Market

Founded in 1975, the Homburg flea and antique market has been a hallmark of the city for over 40 years. Known as the largest market in Southwestern Germany, this market draws in thousands of visitors from all over Europe to shop at this favored market.

The Homburg market is a year-round event, taking place on the first Saturday of every month except December {during holidays, the market shifts back one week}. During the height of the season, shoppers will find up to 1,500 vendors selling antique furniture, military memorabilia, fine china, pottery, demijohns, clothes, and other home wares.

Located about 30 minutes from Kaiserslautern and 2.5 hours from Stuttgart, Homburg is conveniently located near several military bases in Germany, which means that on any given market day, you will spot a ton of American families. An hour East is Metz, France, another location of one of my favorite weekend flea markets.

Because vendors come from all over to sell at this popular flea market, you may encounter several different languages while shopping. The primary language spoken is German, but you will also meet sellers who speak French and English. While it is easy to get by with basic english, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with basic German.

I absolutely love the Homburg market and try to go at least every other month. Because it is near American bases, there are always a lot of Americans there, which can drive up prices, but I have been frequenting this market for about eight years and while it has gotten a lot more crowded, prices are still a bargain!

Over the next coming months, I will be offering flea market shopping guides as well as European shopping tours for various 2019 markets. Whether you are curious about European flea markets or are looking for something specific for your home, I can help! Until then, I have listed a few tips for shopping at the Homburg flea market below.

Happy shopping!

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While you’re in Homburg:

Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to do a lot of walking.
Bring a shopping bag or rolling cart to carry all of your purchases.
Bring cash because there are no atms at the market.
There are no designated parking areas so arrive early to score a convenient spot.
There are food and drink vendors at the market so if you need a break, stop for a quick snack.

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Homburg Flea and Antique Market

Rathaus Am Forum 5
66424 Homburg

Open the first Saturday of the month from 8:00am - 4:00pm

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