First Sign of Spring

Cherry blossoms {sakura} get all of the notoriety as being the Japanese symbol of Spring, however, plum blossoms {ume} are in fact the first blooms to open each year, occurring a month or two before cherry blossom season.

During Ume season, cities are filled with blossoming white, blush, and hot pink trees that represent the much anticipated transition from Winter to Spring. From February to March, plum blossom festivals {ume matsuri} are held all throughout Japan celebrating the arrival of Spring. Parks come to life once again with weekend concerts, performances, tea ceremonies, and stalls selling a variety of plum-themed food.

Kanmuriyama Park, located about an hour from Iwakuni, is known as the best plum blossom viewing spot in this area, so in order to enjoy these beautiful pink blossoms, we made our way south for the weekend.

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 The park also has an awesome playground for kids, which Summer thoroughly enjoyed.

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After spending some time at the playground, we headed to the shops where there were different varieties of ume trees, as well as other gorgeous flowers, available for purchase.

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Kanmuriyama Park

〒743-0001 山口県光市大字室積村



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