Combing Glass Beach + Keepsake Jars

With Summer right around the corner, my daydreams have been transporting me to sunny tropical beaches. Here in Southern Japan, Winter is clearly in the rear view mirror, and no one is more excited about that than me.

In order to capitalize on the beautiful weather this past weekend, we visited a nearby beach to soak up some sand, sun, and Vitamin D. It may not quite be bikini weather yet, but Tzusu Beach {Glass Beach} is one of our favorite places to spend a day near the sea. This somewhat hidden gem is a quiet, family-friendly spot, but the truly unique benefit to this particular stretch of sand is the gratifying beach combing discoveries.

Based on tidal and current anomalies, Glass Beach has several coves where beautiful pieces of naturally tumbled glass wash ashore. Despite its name, we’ve never actually been fortunate enough to find glass while combing this area, but after our successful trip this past weekend, we discovered the best time to find pieces of glass is after a storm or during the off season.

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After returning home, we added our new pieces of tumbled glass to our growing collection of vacation keepsake jars.

Creating these keepsake jars is easy. While on vacation, simply store your beach combing finds in a ziplock bag until you return home. Then, pour the contents of the bag in a glass jar {to minimize cost and maximize environmental benefits, repurpose jars and bottles from various canned foods, drinks, and other items you buy from the store}. Once the jar has been sealed, tag with the date and location of your trip. Use twine, rope, beads, shells, and anything else you desire to embellish your jars.

Finding creative ways to decorate your home with travel keepsakes is a perfect way to remember all of the amazing places you have visited and wonderful memories have you created!

glass beach-15 glass beach-16

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Tzusu Beach {Glass Beach}

Japan, 〒740-0044 Yamaguchi-ken, Iwakuni-shi, Tsuzu, 通津2252

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  1. Ashley…What a neat idea to remember your trips by! Now I am tempted to start doing that! Loved your pics too…. good looking family! 🙂

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