Mikan Picking

Mikans are a popular Japanese citrus, also known as Satsuma, that are similar in size and taste to tangerines or seedless mandarins. The word Mikan means “honey citrus”, due to its reputation as one of the sweetest citrus varieties. As a result of its history as a popular Christmas treat, the satsuma was given the nickname, “Christmas orange”.

In southern Japan, Mikan season runs from October to December, thus making Mikan picking a popular fall time activity.

Located on Oshima Island, a large, terraced Mikan orchard is strategically perched on the side of a hill overlooking the Seto Inland sea. Pulling up, Ryan and I noticed red flags lining the street and saw the beautiful hillside orchard full of Mikans. We arrived early Saturday morning and had the entire place to ourselves… until a bus full of tourists swarmed the hillside a few hours later. After paying an entrance fee, we were given a large bag and pruning sheers, and with the fragrant smell of citrus filling the autumn air, we began harvesting our own bag of juicy Mikans. We explored the hillside, weaving in and out of orange trees hunting for ripe Mikans to taste. Around every corner, breathtaking views of the sea were revealed, making the “island of oranges” the perfect place to spend a gorgeous fall day.

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In addition to the 500 yen {about $5.00} entrance and all-you-can-eat fee, we purchased a bag of Mikans to take home for 800 yen {about $8.00}. Also, children under the age of three get in free, and Miss Summer thoroughly enjoyed eating more than her fair share!

This trip was well worth the cost considering the take-home bags hold about 2 dozen large Mikans. In addition to providing a healthy snack option for our family for the next couple of weeks, these Japanese Satsuma will be utilized in a few different holiday projects I have in mind… more about that coming soon!

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Matsuda Garden 


+81 090 7128 6367 

Open mid-October to mid-December, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm weather permitting 

Admission Fees:
500 yen for Adults 
400 yen for elementary school student 
300 yen for preschool/kindergarten aged children 
Free for children under three 




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