Pretty in Pink

As a new mom, I was super excited about creating a pretty space for my little girl, so immediately after moving into our Japanese home, I began working on Summer’s nursery. I knew I wanted Summer’s room to be decorated with pink and floral fabrics, but quickly realized that as an American living in Japan, I was going to have a difficult time finding a complete nursery set for American sized cribs. As I was about to give up on the search, my girlfriend suggested that I use pretty bed linens we had spotted at a Japanese home store to create my own nursery set with matching curtains. Genius!

So I ended up purchasing a few floral duvet covers and pink sheers to hang over the large windows in Summer’s room. Not only are they the perfect length, but the duvet covers are double lined, which helps block out the sun during the hot Japanese Summers and dim the room when Summer is taking her afternoon naps. Once the new curtains were hung, I created a pretty pink valance by cutting another large duvet cover in half, filling it with lightweight stuffing, and tying it up with matching ribbon.

After completing the curtains for the large picture windows, the rest of the room came together effortlessly. Since Summer slept in a bassinet until we arrived in Japan, the next thing we needed to do was purchase a crib. We placed it in her room, along with a matching dresser and some other kid-friendly pieces of furniture, including an antique vanity I found in France. Luckily, her closet is large so we are able to keep all of her clothes, shoes, bed linens, etc. neatly organized without needing to add an extra piece of furniture to this small space. Next, I purchased pink crib sheets, a pink bed skirt, a few soft throw blankets and pillows, and a large rug for the center of her room. We hung an antique Venetian mirror above her crib and anchored it with more pink curtains {bed linens} hanging around her bed. I displayed some of her special keepsakes and picture frames on inexpensive cube shelves from IKEA, decorated her dresser with some pretty storage boxes and pink letters, and scattered baskets throughout the room keeping her stuffed animals, toys, and books within reach.

Since we were able to find a 4-in-1 convertible bed, a dresser that doubles as a changing table, as well as other versatile pieces, what now serves as Summer’s nursery will soon be transformed into a big girl room, and will be a space she can continue growing in for years to come!


Summer’s crib {pictured above} is surrounded by pink sheers, an antique Venetian mirror, and the floral linens that inspired the room’s design.

girl-nursery-9girl-nursery-10 girl-nursery-12girl-nursery-11girl-nursery-13girl-nursery-14 girl-nursery-15

Grandma helping Summer pick out the perfect bow in front of her pink vanity.

girl-nursery-18girl-nursery-19girl-nursery-17girl-nursery-16pretty-in-pink-19 girl-nursery-21

Vintage baby clothes once worn by me 30 years ago, now hang in Summer’s closet as part of her wardrobe.


Summer having a blast playing in her room with Grandma and Grandpa.



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