Akachan Honpo Baby Store

Shopping for a new baby can be stressful and overwhelming, but even more so if you are an American living overseas. Clothing and cribs are sized differently, and not knowing the local language makes something as simple as locating a children’s store or finding exactly what you need virtually impossible. Since Ryan and I had both of our children overseas, we have relied largely on family to ship us things from the States we couldn’t find otherwise. Fortunately, since getting pregnant, Ryan and I have discovered a few great children stores around our local area.

Once we found out we were expecting, we heard a lot of mothers talking about Babies-R-Us located between Iwakuni and Hiroshima, and The Bunny Store {Nishimatsuya Hiroshimahatsukaichi}, located near Daiso on 188. And as we were trying to finish up some last minute shopping before baby Ryan’s arrival, we discovered another amazing children’s store called Akachan Honpo located on the first floor of Alpark Mall in Hiroshima. They have everything you could ever want for children of all ages. Unlike the base exchange, they have a wide selection of strollers, toys, clothing, shoes, diapers and cleaver things to fill your baby bag, baby gates, high chairs, car seats, and even traditional Japanese kimonos and birth announcements.

With all of the excitement a new baby brings, Ryan and I had a blast walking through the store picking out things for the newest addition to our family and even found some really cool Japanese Birth Announcements to send to our family! More about that coming soon!

baby-store_-6 baby-store_-7 baby-store_-8 baby-store_-10

Look at all of those strollers!

baby-store_-11 baby-store_-12 baby-store_-13baby-store_-14

Pretty party supplies, Japanese baby books, and birth announcements.


They have a great selection of Japanese kimonos, from infant to children sizes.

baby-store_-16 baby-store_-17baby-store_-18 baby-store_-19baby-store_-23baby-store_-22

The Japanese children’s clothes are so cute {kawaii}, and this store has everything from school clothes, winter snow shells, halloween costumes, and Christmas outfits!


Before leaving, we grabbed Starbucks and watched Summer play with the other children chasing the sea creatures animated by a projector on the ceiling. We adore how kid friendly everything is here in Japan!


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Akachan Honpo

Alpark East Wing 1F {Alpark Floor Guide}

〒733-8624 2-26-1 Kusatsushinmachi Nishi-ku Hiroshima-shi

+81 082 501 1100

Open daily from 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

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