Rose Petal Milk Bath

If you are wondering what to do with all of those roses from your Valentine, I have a tutorial just for you! I absolutely adore flowers and hate throwing them in the trash after each holiday, so I wanted to find a way to make those beautiful buds last for months!

After decorating for our Valentine’s Day fondue dinner party, a lot of my roses began to dry out. So instead of trashing them, I created a Rose Petal Milk Bath with naturally detoxifying salts, refreshing essential oils, and crushed flower petals that nourishes the body, moisturizes the skin, and smells amazing for months. Indulge in one of life’s simple pleasures with this all-natural self-care essential!



½ cup dried rose petals
1 teaspoon rose essential oil
½ cup powdered milk {try goat’s milk or coconut milk}
½ cup Epsom salt
¼ cup Dead Sea salt
¼ cup Himalaya salt
Optional additions:
¼ cup coconut oil
¼ cup powdered cosmetic clay or mud


Step 1. Dry the roses by removing petals from the stems and laying them in a single layer on a large cookie sheet and let them sit for a few days. When the petals are completely dry, grind them into small pieces using a mortar and pestle or food processor.


Step 2. Begin layering ingredients in a small, sealable glass jar. First, pour in the powdered milk {which helps soften and smooth dry skin} and then add epsom salts {which is known to ease pain and relieve inflammation}.


Step 3. Then add a mixture of himalaya salt and dead sea salt {which is known to help reduce insomnia and anxiety}.


Step 4. Add the powdered clay or mud {which have powerful, mineral-rich restorative ingredients} and the coconut oil {which is a great skin moisturizer}.


Step 5. Add the rose petals and then pour essential oil on top.


Step 6. Pour the contents of the jar into a warm bath, lay back, take a deep breath, and relax {glass of wine optional}!

{Remember to use a strainer when draining the bath}

* * *

These Milk Bath jars make perfect gifts for Mother’s Day, Christmas, Bridal Showers, or a spa day with your girl friends! The mixture will remain fresh in a sealed jar up to three months and should be stored in a cool, dry place.

This is a super simple project with all natural ingredients that have loads of health benefits and just make you feel good! I had a lot of fun making this DIY Milk Bath and will be enjoying the fruits of my labor tonight!


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