Golden World Map Tutorial

I recently redesigned our home office and like any project, I ended up altering a few pieces we had lying around the house in order to fit in with my design vision.

tropical office-10

I wanted to use this world map in the new office space, but the colors didn’t quite fit with the new design scheme. So in order to add a touch of glamour to this space, I decided to paint the map gold.

gold world map-1


This was a super simple project that anyone can do! Here’s a few tips on how to get started:


World map
Gold paint pens


If you are right handed, begin painting at the top, left hand side of the picture, making your way down and to the right {otherwise you will smear paint all over your hand and the picture}. Carefully outline each continent and fill in with small strokes of your paint pen {the smaller strokes you use, the better your map will look in the end}.

* Fine tip paint pens work best for filling in small areas on the map.
* Make sure you have enough paint pens before starting this project. If you run out, you don’t want to have two different colors of gold on your map. {I used about 6 paint pens}.
* Do NOT shake the paint pen over your map.
* Have a bottle of nail polish remover close by if you make any mistakes.

gold world map-3


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