Sandankyo Gorge

This year for Ryan’s birthday, we took an opportunity to get some exercise and fresh air with our growing family and went for a hike in the Sandankyo Gorge. Located approximately 90 minutes from Iwakuni and a little over an hour from Hiroshima, this local treasure has been designated as a site of National Scenic Beauty within Japan and is the only one of its kind within this region.

We set out for an afternoon trek in the crisp fall air and enjoyed this gorgeous spot. The colors of the season seemed to have just peaked and every corner brought increasingly magnificent vistas. This is a popular weekend activity as numerous other groups, families, and couples took advantage of this beautiful fall day as well. Fortunately, there are spots along the way to step to the side of the trail for a short break, a sip of water, and snap a few photos to memorialize the experience. Sandankyo is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and peacefully get in touch with nature!

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· More Information ·

Sandankyo Gorge

Akiota, Yamagata District, Hiroshima Prefecture 731-3801

· Tips ·

• Since the Gorge is located at a higher elevation, visit earlier in the month of November for the peak of fall foliage.

• Wear appropriate hiking shoes. While the path is paved, there are a few inclines and declines that can get slippery, as well as places to get off the path and walk down to the water.

• For families traveling with children, bring a carrier rather than a stroller. Parts of the trail are bumpy and steep and are not conducive to pushing strollers.

• There are a lot of different entrances to the Gorge, but to enjoy one of the most scenic spots for fall foliage, enter through the main entrance and hike to the Kurobuchi area, where you can also catch a ferry boat {approx 1 – 1.5 hr walk one way}.

• After crossing the river via a small bridge at the Kurobuchi area, there is a restaurant {open from the end of April to November} serving grilled fish and udon noodles.


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