Thailand Travel Guide + Planner

As someone who does a lot of travel planning, I was in desperate need of a system to help me organize all of my trip ideas and planning notes while researching new travel destinations.

While planning our trip to Thailand, I created a detailed travel guide + planner as a way to stay organized before, during, and after our trip. Having a place to jot down trip ideas, recommendations, itineraries, and to-do lists enabled me to conveniently catalogue my ideas while planning for our upcoming trip. Inside I was able to keep track of important information such as our travel schedule, reservation numbers, and contact information all in one place that I could refer back to at a moments notice. Once we arrived, I was able to use this planner as a handy guide book, frequently referencing various tips and Thai handy phrases I had jotted down prior to leaving. Finally, I kept track of our memorable experiences by inserting maps, brochures, ticket stubs, daily photos, and writing in the daily journal as a way to look back and relive our vacation after returning home.

Having this planner definitely benefitted our family during our trip, so in an effort to help you stay organized on your next vacation, I have created a version for you as well! This free booklet will help guide you through the planning process and serve as a convenient way to keep all of your trip’s important information organized in one place when you’re far from home.

Pages Included in the Trip Planner & Daily Journal:

· Planning ·

• Trip Info: Personalized Trip Details & Bucket List

• Trip Recommendations: A place to jot down a list of recommended things to see + do in the area {which you can find in our Krabi Guide, travel books, Trip Advisor, etc.}

• Trip at a Glance: A 7-Day trip itinerary with details such as what to do, where to eat, where to stay, and what to wear.

• Packing List: After you have an idea of what you will be doing on your trip, you will then be able to make a packing list, conveniently divided into categories such as clothes, shoes + accessories, toiletries, and miscellaneous electronics, travel documents, etc.

• Trip Budget: Along with currency information and money saving tips, this section of the planner will assist you in realizing your vacation budget and help you stick to it.

• Reservations: Keep track of your flight schedules and other important reservation contacts.

• Before We go: Stay organized with a shopping list and a to-do checklist of things that need to be done before leaving town.

· Arriving ·

• Packing Recommendations such as climate appropriate clothing to bring as well as important documents not to forget.

• Currency, tipping, and bargaining info, as well as money saving tips.

• Important telephone numbers and how to dial internationally.

• Culture, customs, and etiquette guides.

• A list of important Thai phrases and numbers.

· Reliving ·

• Daily Journal: 14 pages dedicated to keeping track of your daily happenings, important notes, and memorable experiences. This is also a great place to insert your favorite daily photos and other meaningful travel memorabilia.



How to print:

1. Click on the Thailand Planner & Daily Journal.

2. Download to your computer.

3. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat.

4. Go to File – Print.

5. Select “Booklet” under Page Sizing & Handling.

6. Select “Both sides” under Booklet subset.

7. Click “Print”.

8. Once the entire document has been printed, fold pages in half.

Success! Now you’re ready to begin planning your Thailand adventure!


For a list of our favorite things to do, sights to see, and places to eat, sleep, and shop, check out our Ultimate Krabi Travel Guide + Thailand travel tips!


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