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As someone who is growing an online business, my home office is where I spend the majority of my time during the work week, so creating a space that is organized and inspiring was at the top of my priority list when we moved into our new home.

We were fortunate enough to find a Japanese rental that had extra space for an office. Since this room is one of the largest in our home, and had beautiful natural lighting throughout the day, we decided it would be a perfect space for a home office.

tropical office-1

I began designing this space by concentrating on its function. In order to work, I needed a desk as well as a lot of storage, so naturally, we headed to the closest IKEA and loaded up on all of the necessities like shelving, drawers, and desktops.

tropical office-4tropical office-6

Once I had the main aspects of the room put into place, I was able to focus on smaller, yet important details, like a command center that hangs above my desk. I hung a world map, a white board where I keep my to do list and current projects organized, a pin board, a monthly calendar, personal to do list, memo board, and a couple of inspiring art pieces like a vintage watercolor I picked up at a Japanese flea market.

tropical office-10

I outfitted my desk with tropical accessories and gold office supplies, like push pins and paper clips that nicely compliment the world map painted in gold hanging above my work station.

tropical office-12tropical office-3

I like to keep books and craft supplies stored on the bookcases in the corner of the room. To me, it is important to keep the shelves uncluttered, organized, and pretty. I use jars to store markers and colored pencils, glitter, and ribbon, as well as display our vacation beach combing finds. Supplies that are used less often are stored in the baskets on top of the bookcases.

tropical office-14tropical office-16

In the corner of the office, I created a small sitting area using a furniture set we purchased at a local second hand shop. Since the chairs are low to the ground, Summer can easily climb in to them when she wants to read a book.

tropical office-28

On the opposite side of the room, we created an entertainment center that also serves as floor to ceiling storage. We purchased various types of storage boxes in order to keep clutter organized and out of sight.

tropical office-31

Now that the office is complete, I absolutely love spending time here. Everyday I look forward to “coming to work” and drawing inspiration from this colorful and comfortable space.

To me, the most important thing about designing a home is creating a space that is inviting, one that makes you happy, and one that reminds you of what you love most!


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