Konnichiwa, friends! I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday! With Winter right around the corner, Ryan and I took every opportunity we could to travel this month. Fall is our favorite time of the year, but we weren't able to do as

This year for Ryan's birthday, we took an opportunity to get some exercise and fresh air with our growing family and went for a hike in the Sandankyo Gorge. Located approximately 90 minutes from Iwakuni and a little over an

As autumn sets in and the leaves begin to change to shades of red, orange, and gold, people flock to some of their favorite places for a well-known Japanese tradition called "momiji-gari", or fall foliage hunting. Kyoto, Japan's former imperial capital, is

During our latest trip to Osaka, Ryan and I stumbled across a fancy farmer's market located outside of the Grand Front Mall. We arrived just as they were setting up so only about half of the booths were occupied, but this was

Kaiyukan, located in Osaka, Japan, is one of the largest aquariums in the world and is renowned for its unique layout. Upon entering, guests walk down a spiral ramp from the 8th floor all the way to the ground floor, finding themselves in the middle of