October Photo Diary

Happy Halloween, friends! I always look forward to the fall season when the leaves start to change, the evenings get a little cooler, and it’s time to start breaking out cozy sweaters and sipping on pumpkin spiced lattes.

This October was an exceptionally special time for us as we have been learning how to adjust to life after the birth of our son, Ryan II. Our children have been a huge blessing, but going from one child to two has been much more of a change than we were expecting! Luckily, we had family in town to help us acclimate.

While Ryan’s parents were visiting for the majority of the month, we traveled to some of our favorite places around Japan and participated in some of our favorite fall time events.

Here is a look at what we’ve been up to this past month…

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our local pumpkin patch · mikan picking · fall time favorites · daily dose of pretty
japanese rice fields · Summer picking out pumpkins · colorful gourds · bundle of roses
discovering a new flower shop · birthday bouquet · ramen warms the soul · happy halloween
our fancy hotel in Osaka · hotel flower shop · hotel wedding dress boutique · hotel gourmet sweets shop

Coming to the blog this month:

Fall time on Miyajima Island
Mikan Picking: a popular Japanese Fall time activity
Sandankyo Gorge
Falling for Osaka: Autumn foliage at the Osaka Castle
The Osaka Aquarium
A Fancy Fall Farmer’s Market
Kyoto Painted Red

I hope you had an extra spooky Halloween!


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