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This past weekend, we celebrated Summer's second birthday at Miyoshi Winery in Hiroshima. Miyoshi Winery is known locally for its delicious wine, but it is also a popular place for families to visit due to its massive playground, appropriate for children of all ages. With

Hanami is the Japanese word describing the celebration of the cherry blossom, or sakura. This celebration, which symbolizes the arrival of spring, traditionally incorporates eating lots of food, drinking good sake, sitting underneath the cherry trees and enjoying time with friends and

I recently redesigned our home office and like any project, I ended up altering a few pieces we had lying around the house in order to fit in with my design vision. I wanted to use this world map in the new office

As someone who is growing an online business, my home office is where I spend the majority of my time during the work week, so creating a space that is organized and inspiring was at the top of my priority list when we moved into