I recently joined a local photography group where professional photographers, amateurs, and enthusiasts alike gather monthly to participate in interesting projects, share their experiences, critique, encourage, learn, and grow from one another. This month's project theme was Documentary Photography and was the first time

Konnichiwa, friends! I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday! With Winter right around the corner, Ryan and I took every opportunity we could to travel this month. Fall is our favorite time of the year, but we weren't able to do as

Mikans are a popular Japanese citrus, also known as Satsuma, that are similar in size and taste to tangerines or seedless mandarins. The word Mikan means "honey citrus", due to its reputation as one of the sweetest citrus varieties. As

This year for my birthday, Ryan sent me on a scavenger hunt around town to keep me occupied while he was preparing a special dinner at home. I shopped for new shoes, had a lovely massage, and ended the afternoon