January Photo Diary

Welcome back, friends, and happy New Year! After the holidays, I took a break from blogging in order to work on redesigning the website… something I enjoy doing at the beginning of every year. There are a lot of things about the new site that I am excited to share with you, but first I want to fill you in on what we’ve been up to this January!

Where we live in Japan has seen a lot of snow this winter and we have been thoroughly enjoying it! Watching Summer play in the snow for the first time and keeping warm with home-made hot cocoa are just a few of the ways in which we have been enjoying winter in Japan this year. Ryan and I have also taken up skiing again, something neither of us have done in quite some time. There are a lot of great ski resorts within just a couple of hours of where we live, so we have been taking full advantage!

Baby Ryan turned 4 months old this month and is almost sleeping through the night. Fingers crossed that starts happening soon because mama needs some sleep!

our home covered in snow · Japanese winter wonderland · Summer’s first time playing in the snow
Megahira Ski Resort · Ryan and I after a long day of hitting the slopes · gorgeous mountain views
traversing mountain roads · happy baby turns 4 months old · vibrant winter bouquets make me happy

* * *

· New Year, New Blog ·

I began blogging in 2011 when I first moved overseas. Over the past six years, I have learned an extraordinary amount about blogging, and today, web design has become one of my favorite aspects of running a web-based business. At the beginning of each year, as we are all making plans, establishing goals, and getting excited about making personal and professional improvements in our lives, I take the opportunity to improve my website. It has become somewhat of a ritual for me and something I look forward to each and every year!

Welcome to the new and improved Summer Design Company

One of my favorite aspects of the new Summer Design Co. site is the Home Page. Here, you can find important information like latest posts, featured items in the shop, and much more. I have also created three new menus: the main menu bar for important site links, a social menu bar for quick access to Summer Design Co.’s social media links and search function, as well as a costumer menu bar where you will find your shopping cart, account info, and a quick checkout link for your convenience!


More on the Blog

On the home page, you can also find convenient links to my favorite blogging categories: Travel, Design, and Tutorials.blog


Another new feature I am really excited about is the portfolio page! Here you will find links to my previous projects, including before & after photos of each transformation. Currently, the portfolio features my residential design projects, holiday decorating, and event planning projects. Furniture transformations are coming soon! Check out the new Portfolio.


Interested in working together? Whether you live locally or in another corner of the world, I can assist you in design projects, event planning, or act as an international purchasing agent for your home or business! Check out the new Services page for more information.


The Shop

The new site wouldn’t be complete without a new Shop page! On this new page, you will find links to all of the product categories, featured collections, newly listed products, sales, and special offers.


There is also a new convenient way to browse your favorite flea market finds. Whether you are searching for elegant European antiques or exotic Asian decor, you will find a quick link to it all on the new Shop page!


Please feel free to click around and test out the new site. I am looking forward to hearing what you think!


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